Vote? — Congregation Simchat Emet

When either candidate available to you at the polls goes against Biblical Principals, should you vote for them? Isn’t “lesser of 2 evils” still evil? Is the refusal to vote en masse a “protest vote” or just “contributing to the other side”? Well, stop and think about this for a moment – seriously now. What would happen […]

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Still looking for Intern in Jewish History — Henry Abramson

Thanks to all the parents who submitted their children’s names as candidates for the Internship in Jewish History. Unfortunately, I can only consider applications from people who are willing to take the job. Here’s the revised job description: Intern in Jewish History: Hard work, long hours, meager compensation. Chance at everlasting fame and glory, promoting […]

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Gluten Free Sticky Ginger Cake from Jan Edwards

Ingredients 120 gms treacle (you can use 140 gms of golden syrup instead of the treacle and honey mix – but this will make a paler and in my opinion far less flavoursome cake). 20 gms honey (you can go the whole hog with treacle but this is my lip service to healthy!) 115 gms unsalted butter […]

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