Egg Drop Soup — Retro Recipe Attempts

Feeling the pinch of the Depression? Let’s cook some more with Clara and you won’t feel so bad. I seriously love these videos. What I found interesting about this was that I typically associate Egg Drop Soup with Chinese cooking (or, at least, Chinese restaurants). Apparently there are European versions as well, which isn’t surprising […]

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Molasses Milkshake — Retro Recipe Attempts

The semester is over and (as expected) I’m feeling completely drained. The last few weeks of graduate-level classes are always intense, and this year was no exception. I’ve got an excellent reason for being exhausted, of course, although it may not be the one this old advertisement thinks. It’s a well-established medical fact that, at […]

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Low-Carb Summer Squash/Zucchini Kugel from Simple to Wow

The McCarthys just delivered another enormous batch of home-grown produce (see A Salad of Bounty and Inspiration), among which were some beautiful yellow and green squash. Dorothy sent me an Ina Garten recipe for zucchini pancakes, which looked delicious, but a bit too labor-intensive for my carefree summer frame of mind. Instead, I just used […]

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Brownies – My Wholesome Table

I’ve been really enjoying exploring the world of gf, df, sf baking. I cannot say every recipe has been a keeper but what I’m posting here…certainly IS! I have been buying boxed gf brownies because I was in need of a quick fix. I was getting WAY too much sugar than I was wanting in […]

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