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Hehe…  decided not to commute this time.  Had a three week contract out of town.  Found a place to park, bought a tent at Goodwill, and tested my pockit kitchin after 3 days of heavy rain.


(Hey look, ma!  I’m glampin’!)

Shalom!  Welcome to my page.  Not sure what it’s doing here, but I was having trouble getting into a friend’s site, and the darned program wanted me to sign up to do it.  lol  There was probably an easier way (and most likely quite simple) to see it, but I’m a backwards sort and not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to techno toys…

But, maybe… maybe, Yah willing, this thing can be of use later… For right now though, it’s established.  That is, if the whole thing doesn’t crash while the thunder and lightning is having it’s usual discussion over my head.

(unplugs everything that could be affected by an uninvited power surge)

That’s ok.  Got the apartment re-aranged for the new pellet stove that’s going in at some point.  I picked up some cilantro, and probably should process it real quick.  And there’s squash!  Rosehips are almost ready (I got one this morning), and I took a good part of the mint for an infusion.  It had already gone to seed anyway…  a hurry up quick day, because I’ve got shifts coming up that are 10-12 hours a day, bouncing from one contract to another.  This year will be ending with work in health care, bindery work, and the harvest.  So, if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks (or maybe by March/Adar), it’s because I’m either training for my pack test in some warehouse, or crawled under a rock.  lol

Thoughts for this page… HaShem.  Always Abba first.  Foraging…  fishing!  Hunting (still learning), gardening, book repair.  Wildcraft, sewing, and various other strange projects…  Trade, work (six days, then Shabbat!  XD), and recycling on a ridiculous scale.  Scripture studies and home worship.  And old cars that keep morphing into some GMO byproduct when I’m board.  The occasional State of the Universe Rant.  Vintage memories with pop quizes…

The Feast Days!  Halleluyah!  (geek dance)

Suggestions welcome and encouraged.  Content disclaimer – guaranteed to dismay and annoy.  You’re welcome to stay, as long as ya’all behave.  You don’t have to agree, but you don’t have to take it personally either.  lol

Have a nice day.  XD


Author: 2shecklenomad


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